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mosque in Istanbul

Living in Istanbul

Radio reports for kids -


reports | Kelebek, WDR | 2014

Can Mansuroglu aka Checker Can explores his second fatherland, Turkey, for this 6-part series. He was born and raised in Germany. No wonder that Turkey is completely new and exciting for him. Who would think that there are dolphins in the middle of the huge metropolis Istanbul? Can embarks on a research ship to see the marine mammals up close. Even on land, there are many things to discover for animal lovers: on every corner there are street cats in Istanbul. Several million in total! The Istanbulers love the strays - provide them with food and build pretty colorful wooden houses, so that the four-legged friends sometimes have their rest.

In addition, Can discovers crazy street food, finds out why Turkish ice cream is as gooey as chewing gum, and climbs into the catacombs of the Tünel Railway. It has existed since the Ottoman Empire and is the oldest subway in the world after London Undergroud!

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