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Rocker vs Hippies

- Christiania, Kopenhagen -

Reportage | Y Kollektiv, funk (junges Angebot v. ARD, ZDF) | 2016


In the middle of Copenhagen, the hippies have fulfilled their dream: Self-built wooden cottages by the lake, a hashish bazaar with colorful stalls, no nonsense laws, police is rarely seen. Only rockers and Arab gangs are a little annoying (just a little, really), sometimes shooting around with automatic guns. Recently an undercover investigator was shot in his head. Logically, that the peaceful hippie squatters can not let them get away with it. They claim they have thrown out all Rocker / Arabi clan drug dealers. Simply with flower power. Very logical that the heavily armed gangs let the Hippies easily take away their million Euro business. What's wrong here and who is lying loudest in Christiania?

listen to the full radio report (in German)

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