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Sounds of the City

- Sound-Archiv of Delmenhorst -


Project Documentation | city museum of Delmenhorst | 2018 - 2020

cultural promotion of the federal government

How does Delmenhorst sound? Every city sounds different, right? Or doesn't it? What makes the sound of a city so special? This art project is trying to find an answer to this question and to create a sound fingerprint of a mediocre city in the middle of Germany.

Maybe the traffic at the big intersection in Delmenhorst sounds exactly like in Buxtehude. Or the school bell at Maxe Senior High is hard to distinguish from any other bell in Germany. But adding all the many different sounds of a city together creates a unique auditory fingerprint.


The box will capture exactly this. For one year it will appear at various places in Delmenhorst. No matter whether it is raining or sun is shining. Daytime or at night. When the red REC sign is lit, the box will capture the sounds of the city. The sound archive will be presented in a large final exhibition.

Find more information about the project here:

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