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Gambling amongst Migrants

report | Die Reportage, Deutschlandradio Kultur | 2016

Sami* is lonely, destitute, illegal in Germany. Free coffee, a warm spot. That means something to him. Actually, Sami has been very sparing until a buddy persuaded him to throw a few Euros in the colorful flashing machine. Sami looses only three Euros. Years ago. Since then, he desperately tries to win back that money. And he just can't stop trying.

Emre did it. But he has lost everything before. Really everything. His wife, his job. The money that the family had given to his wife and him for the wedding. Secretly, he has withdrawn tens of thousands of Euros from the marriage account. No wonder players have the highest suicide rate among all addicts: a mountain of debt, lying to everyone they love. To admit it all and to start from the beginning, you have to be incredibly strong.

How convenient that the windows of the gambling halls are covered with colored foil. So nobody can see from outside what dramas take place inside.

listen to the full radio report

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