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Khadija & her sister Ramata in Chad
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The Forgotten

- humanitarian crisis in southern Chad -


report | CARE Deutschland & Luxemburg | 2017


The forgotten live in the south of Chad, on the border with the Central African Republic. In recent years, they have fled from rebels who mercilessly kill, loot, murder, rape, mutilate, use child soldiers, set entire villages on fire.

The Central African Republic is the world's poorest country (BiP per capita) and the most underdeveloped, too. Ranked 188 out of 188 in the Human Development Index. Unfortunately, Chad, where the desperate have found refuge, is also a poorhouse. Ranked 186 out of 188. In Chad, there are refugees from Sudan (Dafur crisis), from Niger (Boko Haram) and from the Central African Republic. Chadian government can not take care of them. The food rations of the World Food Program have recently been halved. Most relief organizations are leaving, but people are staying here. Alone. On their own.

For the #non-forgetting campaign of the Federal Foreign Office and CARE Germany, we were in a refugee camp near the border with the Central African Republic.

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