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Tijuana Mexico wall migrants deportees


- That's how Tijuana is -


report | funk (ARD, ZDF) | 2016

A few days ago, Manny stumbled over a human head. In the middle of the sidewalk. The cartels have eliminated the body elsewhere. Manny is still shocked. Actually, the shock is permanent state since he was deported from the US 3 months ago. Since then he lives in Tijuana on the street. Corrupt police officers knocked Manny's incisors out and deducted his last little change. In the homeless shelter his cell phone was stolen. The only connection to his family in the US. And now Manny stands there and watches as policemen cover the body of a friend ... He had also been deported from the United States. I see myself lying there, Manny says and then: That's how Tijuana is.

Donald Trump has loudly announced in the US election campaign to deport 2-3 million illegal Mexicans. But in reality, mass deportations have long since become reality. Under President Obama, over 2.5 million people were deported. Many of them live on the street in the border town of Tijuana. Drugs, cartels and the corrupt police make life difficult for them. But they stay. Because they hope to make it over to the US again or because they do not dare to return to their family in Mexico out of shame. Manuel is one of them. 

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